Responsible Lending

We Take Lending Responsibly takes lending seriously, and as a responsible service provider we employ our own lending code of conduct and abide by it at all times. This helps to prevent exploitation and to provide our customers with loans that are right for them.

Our Lending Code

  • We never target people experiencing financial problems
  • We never encourage our customers to enter a submission for a payday loan that we do not think is right for them
  • We never encourage people to borrow a larger payday advance than they can afford to pay back
  • We never apply unnecessary charges

Additional Practices

Our lending code helps to protect our customers, and we also follow a number of practices to ensure our service is a good as it can be.

  • We aim to make our services as clear and easy to understand as possible
  • We abide by good business practices, both legal and ethical

How to stay responsible with your borrowing

The first step is to determine whether a payday loan is the right option for you, and to check if there are any other ways to get the money you need. If you feel that you may not be able to handle the repayment fees for a given payday loan, we advise that you do not take out the loan, otherwise you may incur extra fees and you will end up in a much worse position. If you are dealing with debt and other financial problems, visit your local government website.

What is responsible lending?

Responsible lending means safety, responsibility, positive action, truth, fairness, compliance and complete disclosure. Responsible lending protects both us, our lenders and the consumer, and our lending code and core business values lie at the very heart of it.

Full Disclosure

We strive to comply with disclosure regulations and requirements of the state where the payday loan lender is based, and with federal disclosure regulations and requirements, including accordance with the Federal Truth in Lending Act. Specific payday loans lending agreements are disclosed fully by the lender in question, but we will also disclose all fees for complete transparency, unless laws prevent us from doing so.

Our services are compliant with all applicable law, and we never make actions that are unauthorized by federal or state law.
Positive Action
We help customers learn about payday loans and how they should be used.
All of our services are advertised truthfully, and we never advertise any service, either our own or that of a partnered lender, in anything other than a completely truthful way.
We do not offer payday extensions unless explicitly allowed by the state in question, in which case the maximum number of extensions is 4.
We make no legal threats or charges against customers who break the terms of their payday loan. We do not perform collections, and our partnered lenders collect professionally, fairly, appropriately and with deference to the law.